Our business is to make your business better.

At USI we are our biggest customer. From internet to email to phone to storage – the running of our operation depends on the very services we provide you to run yours. Trust us. If it works well for our business, it’ll work great for yours.

This is I.T.

Technology can be hard to keep up with. We’re not here to sell you. We’re here to help you. And we do that by helping you understand your needs. And then finding an affordable way to meet them. And we’ve been doing that since 1995.

USI Fiber–speeds up to 100 gig!

There are a lot of cool things about working with a local company. Like working with the same people year after year. Developing trust. And having someone actually answer the phone when you call.

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More phone. Less money.

Internet-based phone offers the best in communication tools at a fraction of the cost of outdated, traditional phone service.

A suite of sweet services.

Email services

Don’t let spam fill your inbox and raise anxiety levels.

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Cloud hosting

Security, scalability and unparalleled fault tolerance.

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Data storage

Fast, reliable and secure data backup and protection.

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It’s time to get up and running.

Know exactly what you need? Feeling overwhelmed and confused? Either is fine. Let’s chat and figure it out together.