ProTalk is a non-profit project group founded in University of Toronto Scarborough that dedicates on giving students a broader understanding of economic environments in Canada, China, and markets in general on a global scale, which in turn, guides them to explore potential career passages. The program consists of three branches: guest lectures, interviews, and weekly forums, each contributes to the core vision of ProTalk.

Guest lectures invites professionals from the top of their individual fields to educate students about the current status in different job markets. To that end, Shanghai Overseas Educational Exchange Centre is collaborating with Protalk to converse career opportunities on March 13th. RBC Banking VP and RBC Financial Control will also make an appearance.

Interviews takes form in one-on-one question and answer with an audience. So far, the program has had the opportunity to interview Mr. Yuxin Wang, the mayor of Yangzhou China; Mrs. Yan Li, president of the Li Delun Music Foundation; and Dr. Cong Xiao from the Entrepreneur Research Department of University of Toronto.

The weekly forum acts as individual salons which allow students to voice their opinions and experiences. In addition, the forums encourage critical thinking with assistance on constructive logic.



LensWhale is a photography-focused social media platform, designed for professional and amateur photographers, models, or anyone who has interests in photography in general. You can share your stories, experience, questions or ideas with the community and take parts in other people's discussions. In the later stages, it will also be a place to find photography news and marketplace for lens, cameras and other equipment. The project is currently in development and are open to expanding our team and business partners. Please get in touch for more details.

Ship of the Theseus


Suddenly, the waves were rough and the wind was heavy. When the parts of the hull gradually wore out, the worn parts have been replaced. When all the parts of the ship of Theseus is renewed, ask: Is this ship the same ship?

Life is a same paradox. Floating up and down, sad and happy. When you reborn, will you remember your original intention?

The Ship of the Theseus Project (SofT) is committed to customize videos for customers with professional equipment, and will send the video to customer after 7 years. In 7 years, when the customer experiences the ups and downs, the customer may have forgotten us; and we are going to give them this little surprise-the opportunity to enjoy watching the time flow, to protect the memory that will be eventually lose.

Past Projects



Orientation events are designed to welcome newly admitted students, answer any FAQs, and help them adapt more quickly to university life. It also provides opportunities for students to find and connect with people in different year or area of study. The exact format of each event can differ from year to year, but usually consists of a variety range of socials, such as escape rooms, physical exercises, tabletop games, taken place in classrooms, parks, museums, and other public spaces. In September 2019, we successfully hosted an orientation at Milliken Park, involving a team-based competition followed by an outdoor barbecue, with over 60 participants.